28 January 2009

Bishop Williamson Apologises To The Vatican!

According to La Cigüeña de La Torre, Bishop Williamson has written to the Vatican apologising for the damage caused by his imprudent statement; the tone and the content of the letter have been a very pleasant surprise.

More good news, in a week of good news!


Sam said...

I just hope they don't get paranoid and read

"I hope that this gesture of mine will be followed by the solicitous effort by them to accomplish the ulterior steps necessary to accomplish full communion with the Church, thus testifying true fidelity and true recognition of the Magisterium and of the authority of the Pope and of the Second Vatican Council." in the worst possible light!

Ponte Sisto said...

You have a well-deserved award waiting here.

motuproprio said...

The sad news is a well-sourced rumour that Bp Williamson is suffering from advanced inoperable cancer.