16 January 2009

The Wind Changes Quarter

In between what feel like Stakhanovite efforts to make the PC connect to the internet at something better than 1.6 KB (yes, that's a K!!!), I use various means to flit around the blogosphere like a butterfly, alighting here and there for a second or two before moving off somewhere else.

The mood in the blogosphere in Catholic England and Wales seems to be shifting quite a lot: is it just me, or are we becoming radical?

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Kirk said...

Interesting post because I too had a great deal of difficulty connecting to the internet and making it load at a pace faster than a snail. Has Russia got some sort of monopoly on the Internet as well as the gas supply?
As for our blogosphere mood I think that what with uncertainty as to who is going to take the helm, huge variations in who agrees with what (and who doesn't) among the hierarchy, who is prepared to speak out and who sits by complacently; we are starting to mill about like sheep when the shepherd has lost his way and the sheepdog is off nosing around somewhere else and we sent the possible approach of a wolf!