21 June 2009

Fr Rolheiser

Is it just me? Each week I look at the back page of the Catholic Herald, hoping that there won't be an article, and each week the enigmatic face is there, and I feel as though another little bit of oxygen has been stolen from the atmosphere.

Why is he in the Herald? Can the Tablet not afford his column?


Moretben said...

Well, Ttony, we're both of an age to remember when the CH was like that all the way through, from front page to back, Izvestia to the Tablet's Pravda. Only dear, dear Ronnie remains, still egregiously moustached but with the late addition of a clerical collar, mugging out over that simpering litany of some of the most abysmal stuff in print. Why is he still there? Search me. Perhaps he has a heroically tenacious fanbase of defrocked beardy weirdies, dutifully stumping up their subscriptions in the expectation of re-taking the barricades. Perhaps more of you need to petition the editior (though I suspect Ronnie's cemented-in status is more on account of being mates with one of the Honourables on the board). I remember firing off a blast to Dr Oddie, holding him responsible (as he then was) for the dissemination of major-league heresy, following a more than usually awful, parody-defying piece. To my utter astonishment, the column disappeared the fllowing week - only to return the week after, over an apology for a printer's error.

Over to you lot. None of my business any more!

Anonymous said...


Ma Tucker said...

Ttony, the secret to Ronnie appreciation is as follows

1) Read his column as if you suffer with chronic constipation.

2) Labour each word as if you were giving birth to the universe itself.

These two tools should unlock the hilarity implicit in his obtuse meanderings. Always works for me!