13 June 2009

Mac's Meme


Mac tagged me for a meme: "How Many Statues Do You Have?"

The rules are simple. Count the number of statues in your house (NB. priests are not allowed to count the statues in their church as well as the ones in their house... unfair advantage!!) Describe the statues, and/or put up some photos. Then tag three people. I'm keeping the tag number low so that everyone has a chance to tag someone...

I went round the house counting and am ashamed to say that I reached a total of ... one! (And that one's really a holy water bottle from Lourdes.)
There's a crucifix in every room except the bathrooms.
Likewise, there's at least one holy picture.
There are icons (Russian and Greek).
There are devotional books, Missals, Breviaries.
But there are no statues, and I'm at a loss to work out what's happened to them. Where are St Anthony of Padua and St Martin de Porres? Where is the one of the BVM crushing the serpent's head? This is a deep mystery and one I shall set out to solve.
In the meantime, I tag: Phil and Kirk, even though they use Wordpress, and Brother James.


Brother James Hayes f.i.c. said...

I like this idea, but I'm off on a Bros. jolly with some of our lat staff tonight and get back late next Weds. so it will have to wait. But I'm going to leave myself a memo to get it done when I get back :-)

Mac McLernon said...

Heheheh... Holy Water bottle "statues" are definitely cheating!