24 June 2009

Posh Or What?


Things my mother would never had said to my father that my wife says to me:

"Can you stop off at Waitrose on the way home and pick up some lamb."

There was no Waitrose in North Manchester. There never will be.
Sainsbury's was posh enough. We did Tesco's.
My father did not "stop off" on his way back from work. He came home.
My mother shopped when she shopped. She didn't miss things.
Because you know what you're eating ever day.
My father did not get involved with "food shopping". He worked.
"Some lamb" would have been meaningless to him. A leg is "some lamb"; so is a chop.

And if they thought that en famille we'd be eating curry on a Wednesday evening they'd be worrying. And then they'd remember that "down South" is a foreign country and that they do things differently there.


Rita said...

Ah yes, no clean toilets south of Stockport and they think tea cakes have currants in them "down south"...the romance of the North.

I have to admit I was travelling down the A34 today, hurtling over the downs towards Southampton and the strangest feeling of being "too far south" and being pulled back up north came over me.

Ches said...

And, 'daaaan saaarf', they pronounce scones to rhyme with 'bonz' instead of with 'bones' - the true northern pronunciation. I was in Mancheter for 72 hours this week. It was like getting time of purgatory!