11 October 2009

Flucht Nach Musik


All sorts of things are going on at the moment and my brain hurts trying to keep up. And a steady trickle of "don't write about this but pray for us" e-mails makes me wonder if a concerted attack on a particular type of Catholic belief and practice in southern England is underway. I have one story of two-faced hypocrisy which would be unbelievable in a Jeffrey Archer novel, but which is positively attributed to a member of the Episcopal Conference. What a world we're in!
So the arrival of two multi CD sets is very welcome, especially as these come from either end (chronologically) of the era of German music which fascinates me.
Telemann's Brockes-Passion is something I've heard of, but never heard, and the six late Haydn Masses (of which I don't think I could ever tire) come accompanied by various motets and the Te Deum for the Empress Maria Theresa. These aren't Classic FM popular classics, but neither are they simple concert pieces for Radio 3 in the afternoon. This is a serious bit of stuff, a world in which I shall be immersing myself from time to time until Christmas.
Is escapism necessarily a bad thing? Well, I've put the question in a way that only allows the answer "No" to justify the fact that I am going to build a little musical hidey-hole. God Help us all that I should need to.


Anonymous said...

I've said before and I'll say it again, D.V. I am WRONG!
(Aren't we told ONE reason for the delay of the last trump is the prayers of the church?)
I have burned into my brain a sermon somewhere in southern England some 30-odd years ago, from a priest who had but recently returned from the desolute, centuries uncristian and unprayed for area round Augustine's see of Hippo, and described it.
Then the assurance, the certain hope, that the gates of hell WILL NOT PREVAIL against the church, and a lot on the church's universality and darkseeming moments of its history.
Then to end the superbly deliverd double Whammy , softly, slowly, clearly:
"But we have no assurance that they will not prevail HERE".
Mike cliffson under the name of anon

Anonymous said...

I should have added:2,000 or so cklicks south of England I am beginning to get allergic to cruxifixes, or rather, to conversations and events in educational more often than ecclesiastical institutions with a high index of cruxifixes and pictures and statues of our lady per square decimetres of wall space, in regard to fulfilling the law of the land with text books that at best are pelagian from cover to cover, that ask ten year-olds to do activities such as "what part of my body do I like best", that describe our lord as " a teacher who emerged from THE PEOPLE and whose teachings were simply uphrased so that his followers could pass them on readily to lots of THE PEOPLE when he'd gone" .Faithful translation into english. there is no let or hindrance in my kids staying out of this being referred to as "littleidiots" to parents meetings, long lectures on any differences I have with severasl school's catholicism being "your opinion" and how the school is so catholic it's just about only (my eexaggeration now) the need for them that's stopped the good lord assuming them straight into heaven here and now, and a long etc.
Love your enemies. If you can't manage that straight off pray fore them and bless them, this latter I do.
But I am soooo tempted to take the path of the Donatists!
Will be praying 4 all involved in writing/reading this blog, mutual please. It don't none of it go to waste
Only that which is eternal is really worth any effort.

Anonymous said...

having had a gloomth and a moan, tis but right to add what divine providence provided for my upcheering : Today was the canonization , which we followed mostly on internet ( which we have thanks to a visiting nevvy who repaired son-in-law's old computer which was gathering dust) of several saints, including St Juana Jugan foundress of the little sisters of the poor, who are one of our permanent solaces, and also of a certain "brother Raphael, a trappist who died very young in abt 1939-40 ish, in Palencia, Spain,Born burgos, lived in Oviedo, studied architecture in Madrid, bedcame atrappist at verynearly the same time as diagnosed with diabetes which particularly 36-39 just about untreatable, video( productora San Jose, published Popular TV, and Alfa and Omega,) of whose life, writings, and canonization wife snapped up and we've just watched now the tribe are in bed, marvellous to hear from so many good bishops and priests and nuns how his writings had fortified and been part of their vocations , even how Pope JP II 's mention of him, addressing the world day of youth abt 20 yrs ago at "MONTE EL GOZO " hard by Santiago, galizia, as an example for modern youth led to many first reading him and through his writings, to vocations.
Dunno how much you can find on Internet in English via vatican etc, in Spanish I haven't tried Youtube, anyhow, heartening.
Laus Deo

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the recommendations!

Dorothy said...

Ttony, I hope your time of quietness and rest is doing you good. Sometimes one just has to step back, and recover.

All the best,