18 October 2009

Spain On The March

Two million people, according to the organisers; one and a quarter million according to the authorities in Madrid.

LOTS of people came out onto the streets of Madrid yesterday to protest against government plans to allow abortion on demand up to 14 weeks.

I even managed to find a piece of reporting from the BBC: it's here. It's a short piece, which borrows from RTVE, the Spanish state broadcaster. There is also a set of photos in the Spanish newspaper ABC, available here.



Anonymous said...

(We could only manage two of our eldest to make the trip, it should have been all thirteen)
Even if from this only so much as one mother resists pressure, or changes her mind of her own free will, and has her baby, then this demo will have been worth it.
And this sort of thing encourages everyone participating.
Nonetheless, in Spain as in all the west, prayer is the only reasonable hope for the Holy Spirit changing the minds of our rulers and those who vote for them regardless.
The political details in Spain are disgusting, enough to say they've chosen today to bring out a government-commisioned "opinion poll" purporting to say that 80% are in favour of abortion being a woman's right and a similar proprtion in favour of pro(even more than now)abortion legislation, twist and slant and smear and minimize etc., and the "conservative" opposition are a load of lilylivered wets who had 8 years in power to do something abt existing legislation and didn't. For fear of trendy abuse? Who knows.
Still , here and there one brght spot at least is that the hierarchy are changing: see lifesitenews last week for Bishop Chapuy of denver ( worth seeing for many other things,) on his being "duped?" in the past into going along with proabortion politicians in the hope of gradually changing their minds over tea and biscuits, but no longer, no, no, no ; here each new Spanish bishop seems to be more orthodox, plainspoken and "gungho" (- dare I just say, well, "Catholic"?) than his predecessor.
It was not always thus : when abortion in Spain was first mooted a quarter century ago Mother Teresa came to Spain and perhaps 15,000 of us filled one samll corner of Marid's Plaza Mayor with her. My stomach felt hollow: should I weep and seethe over a society I loved, a second one after the Uk, going blindly down the road of death, Catholics and all, or crawl into a hole? I have no certain knowledge, but it was rather hard not to get the impression at the time that neither Bishops nor clergy wanted the faithful to bear any sort of witness, nay, I know those who still say they were secretly even in favour of abortion. God send it wasn't that.
Anyhow Pray, pray and pray again.
we all got troubles and ailments , don't forget to offer 'em up!
for this, or for the souls inpurgatory, or for your enemies' conversion, such a shame to have so much as a toothache or a late train and just waste it.

JARay said...

Just a brief comment, sorry I can't fill a whole page! I'm delighted that Spain is still a Catholic country despite the dreadful government which it has. I have always had a very soft spot for Spain in my heart.
Hasta la vista.