05 October 2009

What's Happening?

The signs of the time are worrying.

The swine flu prohibition on Communion on the tongue feels, at least in some parishes in some dioceses, like an attempt to ban the practice completely.

The attacks, or rather the continual pinpricks, against Summorum Pontificum priests seems, if reports are true, to be on the increase: but there are some attacks as well and some of these attacks are vile and potentially high profile.

The staff at the E&W Bishops' Conference continue to plan for an Ad Limina visit which will take the attack to the Pope.

With the exception of the Archbishop of Westminster, not a single Bishop in E&W seems to have welcomed the idea of a Papal visit.

If I can be forgiven the analogy, we are in early 1942. The Americans have finally entered the War but the Japanese have conquered the Pacific and look unstoppable; the Germans still seem to be advancing in North Africa; and as the winter ends on the Eastern Front, everybody is expecting the worst.

Nobody has realised that the enemy has extended itself as far as it is able, and only two things are necessary for its defeat: unity, and a willingness to take all the time final victory needs, whatever the attraction of a negotiated peace.

They can't win. We can win, and we can lose.


JARay said...

Dear Ttony,
I see that Allerton Bywater has finally fallen! See Damian Thompson.
Now you report this!
To the Barricades mes amis!

p.s. I like my word verification!
Oh Mister "Porter" what can I do?
I wanted to go to Birmingham but they shipped me off to Crewe!

Anonymous said...

having had a gloomth and a moan, tis but right to add what divine providence provided for my upcheering : Today was the canonization , which we followed mostly on internet ( which we have thanks to a visiting nevvy who repaired son-in-law's old computer which was gathering dust) of several saints, including St Juana Jugan foundress of the little sisters of the poor, who are one of our permanent solaces, and also of a certain "brother Raphael, a trappist who died very young in abt 1939-40 ish, in Palencia, Spain,Born burgos, lived in Oviedo, studied architecture in Madrid, bedcame atrappist at verynearly the same time as diagnosed with diabetes which particularly 36-39 just about untreatable, video( productora San Jose, published Popular TV, and Alfa and Omega,) of whose life, writings, and canonization wife snapped up and we've just watched now the tribe are in bed, marvellous to hear from so many good bishops and priests and nuns how his writings had fortified and been part of their vocations , even how Pope JP II 's mention of him, addressing the world day of youth abt 20 yrs ago at "MONTE EL GOZO " hard by Santiago, galizia, as an example for modern youth led to many first reading him and through his writings, to vocations.
Dunno how much you can find on Internet in English via vatican etc, in Spanish I haven't tried Youtube, anyhow, heartening.
Laus Deo