26 January 2010

Double Good News

First, I found that a favourite Spanish blogger is still active and has moved here, and second, that he has done his sums and that not only is a Consistory due, but that another is due next year.

Four Cardinals will lose their right to vote in the next couple of months; that will leave twelve vacancies in the Sacred College; seven more will lose their right to vote by the end of the year. And next year six will go before Easter. This should mean a Consistory this year, and another at the back end of next year.

Only three Cardinals will have to present their resignation this year from their episcopal sees, but next year another eleven will be off. This will mean the possibility of starting the great process of change in places like Los Angeles, even if there are five more years before Cardinal mahony loses his voting rights in the Conclave.

Imagine what opportunity this gives to the Holy Father to shape the Church for the reform of the reform! And imagine the insignificance of the Hierarchy of England and Wales, faced with this catclysmic set of opportunities.

Details available in Spanish here.

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Anthony Bidgood said...

Dear Muniment Room,

One hopes that the Holy Father will not feel that he has to create cardinals from Sees that normally have them. He created a Cardinal for, I think Galveston-Houston, which previously did not have a Cardinal 'attached' to it.

Pope John Paul II appointed Henri de Lubac and Hans Urs von Balthasar to the Sacred College. Would it be wishing too much for the Holy Father to appoint theologians to the Sacred College who are well below eighty years of age? One feels that Pope Benedict would have a good idea of suitable theologians for such an important role.

In Christo,