29 January 2010

First Report From Stand Up 4 V 2

THEY say that they are all old!!!

See here.


Londiniensis said...

I read Freerangers report with interest, and placed this comment on his blog

How does one reconcile the following two statements:

"a celebration of the growth we had experienced at the time of the Council" and

"they (parishes) were becoming larger and larger as priest numbers dwindled" ?

Mike Cliffson Pamelez said...

Somebody please tell me


What IS it?

VII documents I know, readable in spanish, turgid in english. Many fruits of VII called wheat and tares I believe by Our last Pope.

Couldn't remember any such separate and separable thing as "spirit of VII" at the time
Wrinkly meself, asked m'father as is wrinklier
He said oh yes, all the bishops'd come back to england all bubbly and full of ideas.

Is that it,then?
Anglosphere catholicism within the universal church at a particular "moment in time"

the mother of this lot said...

You and your big ideas. 'When are you going to start blogging again....? Now look what you've done. Fifteen commenters I've got to think up things to reply to. And why isn't there a link to here from your comment like normal people.

Because you're not that daft, that's why. Untraceable. Untouchable. I may well start referring to you as Eliot Ness.

By the way, are you going to tell Mrs. Ttony that's she's under your direction and control or shall I?

Roger Buck said...

I have only recently discovered your noble and needed efforts ...

And if I could find an email, would have sent this privately.

As this is alas not private, I want to make the following request publicly ...

To you and anyone else reading this.

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If you would do me the honour Ttony, of checking us out ...

And if you deem us worthy, adding us to your links I should be very grateful to you.

I will be adding you to my own.

God be with you always ...


the mother of this lot said...

Ey up cock! Y'alreet? Now open yer lugholes 'cos folk on my blog are starting to think yer a barmpot. So you'd best stop mithering, use yer nouse and shut yer cakehole or I shall have to flit to Wordpress. And I don't want to be tellin' yer umpteen times neither. There's nowt worse than 'aving to explain your comments to people who's not from round our way.
Tarra, luv!

You do realise that the seriousness of this blog is likely to be called into question fairly soon don't you?

Sounded good though eh? If you can't read it first time round, put big light on.