04 February 2010

Waiting For News

Until the Bishops start "writing their news" about what they did while they were in Rome, we won't have much of an idea about what happened or about how it happened. My guess is that the "narrative" still has not been agreed; that some faces might need more saving than was first thought.

Nevertheless, Archbishop Nichols' widely reported slapdown of The Tablet suggests that at the very least he is beginning to feel confident that he is in command, that he has a staff which will support him. Is that just in Westminster or is it throughout E&W? In a sense it's good news either way. Either the Hierarchy has seen the writing on the wall, and ++Vincent can lead them back together to where they should have always been; or we have a real split, and he can lead us out of it, showing up the stuck-in-the-seventies enemies of progress for the problems that they are.

So Pastoral Letters first, and then the arrangements for the Papal visit. Things are beginning to move.

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