18 February 2010

Why I Don't Subscribe To Sky

Yes, it's Joe Biden, but it's Sky I'm talking about. (Hint: the segment was from yesterday, Ash Wednesday.)

Imagine paying these people!



Mike Cliffson said...

Are they accurate on burkers, idle fitters, seven pilars of wisdom ?

Victoria Mildew said...

Hi, I've only logged onto Ttony' blog today and picked up this post.

Do you know whether anyone has complained to sky news about this blunder?

Like all Global media companies, Sky make a point of seeming to know (??) everything there is to know about the Feasts of other Main Religions - the old acronym ABC springs to mind!

To those of you who don't know that particular one - Anything But Christianity!

It's a pity, Kay had to make any remark about V.P' Biden's forehead - again typical of Sky's daytime news image - everything has to be reduced to the level of "jokey blokey" school playground humour.

Perhaps she ought to have asked Eamon Holmes about Lent!




Miss Ellen E. said...

Just catching up on your blog, a few days late, and have therefore only just seen this.

It's ubelievable, not just that a major company such as Sky would not make sure their presenters were better briefed . . . but, at the end of the clip, to discover that the commentator actually describes herself as Catholic!

Words fail me, really!