23 February 2010


The act, not the gift.

I have resigned from every post I hold by virtue of my being a Catholic: diocesan this, parish that, school the other. I offered to remain in post to help break the law, assuming the Bill being debated today becomes law, but my generous offer has been politely declined.

Is this what Henry's time felt like?


joyfulpapist said...

Ttony, a commenter on Fr Ray's blog reminded us that - of all the bishops in England in Henry's time - only St John Fisher stood firm to the faith.

But the Church remained, carried through the century by the faithful laity.

God bless you for your stand.

Mike Cliffson said...

May God be with you.

Elizabeth from Sussex said...

You could do no other if you had no support. What a spineless lot our hierarchy are. GOd bless you.

Michael Hennessy said...
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Michael Hennessy said...

God bless you. These are difficult times and some will accommodate themselves to them. The better will not do so, or will at least try not to do so. God bless you.

the mother of this lot said...

I always find Mancunians are good at leading the way.

JARay said...

Perhaps you could stand for The True Freedom Party as a candidate in the forthcoming election. Try the electorate of Ossett and Rothwell where a certain Mr E. Balls is to stand as the Labour Party candidate.