10 February 2010

The Long Arm Of The Pope

About a year and a half ago I posted here a YouTube video of a bunch of young men who defended by saying the Rosary and by not allowing themselves to be provoked the Cathedral of Neuquen in Argentina from a major demonstration of pro-abortion feminists. Their Bishop had shouted at them (the men, not the demonstrators) to go away, but they stood their ground heroicly.

It turns out that some time later the Bishop, Marcelo Melani, a Salesian who is not due to retire until 2013, was told that if he wanted to present his resignation early Rome would not stand in his way.

He didn't take the hint.

He now has a Coadjutor.

How do we find out who was responsible and persuade him to look at some dioceses of the south of England?


JARay said...

I do hope that you do indeed find out who was responsible for Bishop Melani receiving a coadjutor Ttony. I'm sure that his attention should be directed in several directions. The Diocese of Kilaloe in Ireland, from what I read, could do with a coadjutor who knows the teaching of the Church.

Anonymous said...

I remember that. And I am glad to see that there have been repercussions.
Caroline the Cat