19 April 2010

Küng's Pathetic Call

Translated from Francisco José Fernández de la Cigoña's article here.

Theologian Hans Küng is a theological protester who refuses to be nothing in the Church. Aged 82, and forbidden to be a Catholic teacher, he lives in a past to which he clings, as it is the only thing he has left. Cheered on by the enemies of Catholicism and by the few contemporaries left within the Church who do not want to admit that nobody shares their youthful dreams any more, he keeps hold of the banner he once raised which has turned into tatters, faded by the passage of time.

At the end of his active life, and longing for days when he was considered to be a theological authority, he has called on the bishops to rebel against Benedict XVI. I do not know if it is because of an age-related condition or his overweening pride that he thinks that his voice is that of the Church. It is pathetic.

Not one bishop has answered his pitiful call.  Not one will, even though some of them are awful. The recent attacks on the Pope, in which Küng is a mere foot soldier, are only succeeding in making the Church close ranks in affection for the Holy Father. He is the rock upon which it is founded, without which it would not exist.
The positions taken by Küng and his followers only feed the anti-Church. The proof of this is that they are only taken up in anti-Catholic media, in which one can find some who still call themselves Catholics in spite of having sold out on the Church's Faith and Morals.

Hans Küng is one of them. He sold his birthright for a mess of pottage and is now choking, both because of his age and because even he has become bored with lentils, however hard it is for him to acknowledge the fact. Each day they taste more watery and have less substance.
He has only two choices. Either he overcomes the envy he has for his former fellow teacher, disappearing into history as in a few years he will not be remembered by anyone as he returns to the Father's house, or he ekes out the remainder of his days in a futile and pathetic protest.


Anonymous said...

O come off it Ttony!

In the scheme of things Professor Kung is a great and holy man defending the Church from some of her most pernicious enemies.

What about a certain 83 year old who is splitting the Roman Church apart by his narrow-minded bigotry?

At least Professor Kung is straight (in more ways than one) and honest unlike some we could mention.

Laura said...

Kung? Great and holy? did I miss something here???

Mike Cliffson said...

Spanish TVE (state channel, akaHMV) tonight's nineoclock news abt ten times as long coverage POPE than has been par for decades
3/4 footage Pope Malta , 1/4 visual( clever camera + cutting, Pope cold distant robot,) Kung + luigi warm human grandads )alternating twixt Kung ( How Tragic!) and this mr luigi howsyerfather (bog-standard exwoodwork) "president" of"catholics for a reformed church" (putover a s a body with widespread support (perhaps his sisterinlaw is gravitationally challenged? -Perhaps they are everywhere and we just move in different circles?)
90% voiceover on Papal visit kung, luigi, and commentator noncommitally weaselwording AP, NYT, Times (lunnon) etc.
BEEB, other MSM been different? Do i need to ask?

You can fool some of the people all of the time, all etc

Just as well the sheerly stupid method of conversion via preaching got the big gun behind it: the Holy Spirit.

Preaching can get you stoned chained arrested flogged vilified etc with it of course, wi' shipwrecks thrown in
(which is why the Holy Father's in Malta,innit?)
But in the West, how few are trying it?
(And I can't putmyself on no pedestal thuswise neither.)
Risk factor for comfort + bodily integrity etc rather high.
rewards OTT./OOTW

JARay said...

You're quite right Ttony, Kung is indeed pathetic.

Jonathan Marshall said...

Anonymous - Do you claim to be a Catholic? And if so, on what grounds?

Patrick said...

This says it all about Kung: