10 April 2010

Polonia Semper Fidelis

The cruellest of ironies is that the Poles who have died were finally being given permission to commemorate what the Soviet Union did seventy years ago, and that they died in Russia. All we can do is pray.


B flat said...

I think the last line of the refrain is seriously mistranslated.

NOT: behind your leadership we will unite as a people

BUT: following your lead we will unite with the Nation.

This was the song of the exiled legion in Italy, expressing its hope of return to their Commonwealth which had been invaded and divided by the three neighbours, Russia, Prussia and Austria. The sense of Nation and Polish culture was strong, and the Royal Commonwealth of the Two Nations still a lived experience for many. In no sense could they be thought of aspiring "to unite as a people." That was a continuing cultural reality with a long history. Poland as a political unit had been extinguished by Germany and Russia, with Austria's complicity.

Ttony said...

B Flat: thanks.