19 October 2010

The Benedict Bounce

This coming Sunday will be the one where the Hierarchy pulls together of of the positive fruits which arose during the Pope's visit into a single powerful strand of prayer and action to revitalise the Church.  Together in unity, and individually as local leaders, they will issue a powerful and stirring message to their faithful to begin a new movement of evangelisation in accordance with the Pope's vision.

Watch out here:
Arundel & Brighton, Birmingham, Brentwood, Cardiff, Clifton, East Anglia, Hallam, Hexham & Newcastle, Lancaster, Leeds, Liverpool, Menevia, Middlesbrough, Northampton, Nottingham, Plymouth, Portsmouth, Salford, Shrewsbury, Southwark, Westminster and Wrexham


leutgeb said...

I'm looking forward to a their lead on the Pope's call for a vigil the night before Advent starts for the unborn. After the great success of Hyde Park, time for Exposition and Benediction nationwide.

pattif said...

This post was ironic, right? I mean, you had me worried. For a minute there, I thought their Lordships might feel obliged to undertake another Papal Visit commemoration exercise and close another seminary this week.