18 October 2010


In the same way that a bully will always look for the weakest of his opponents, Mgr Loftus has threatened to sue Fr Mildew and as a result Fr Mildew is reduced to a state of extreme anxiety.

Here is our shibboleth.

Fr Mildew preaches God's Truth.

Mgr Loftus writes for the Catholic Times.

Let's enthusiastically treat this as an issue of Black and White and admit no grey.  Let's make this a ground upon which we can stand.

Prayers, of course, for Fr Mildew, but let's support him properly and oppose the message of his opponents!


georgem said...

You got it. A disgraceful attack on an elderly priest perceived to be weak. That's how bullies always operate. And this man exhibits his true colours.
To the barricades!

John Rourke said...

I we should write to the editor of the Catholic Times to express unhappiness that its columnists sue its readers.

Did he threaten to sue his parishioners in Bentham?

Mac McLernon said...

Well said Ttony - there is more than a whiff of the playground bully here.

Dominic Mary said...

As I've said elsewhere : there's no chance of such an action succeeding, and the threat of it is merely wind and bullying . . .

Any priest who behaves like that should be disciplined by his Bishop : and certainly removed from public activity.

And of course, let us support Fr Michael with care, prayers, and if necessary active assistance.

Mike Cliffson said...

Yesterday I wished not to leave a record of what I feel. The sun is not supposed to go down on one's wrath, but print.....
There are only so many priest bloggers, bravely on internet under their own names.
Who knows what good they may be doing.
From Timbuctu to Tonkin, it's the same web, with catholic voicess, but so few priests.
I shall miss "Fr Mildew", Fr Michael's instructive takes on Newman, asides on many things, ghastly humour, his open invitation to inform him and disagree, his readiness to admit criticism and publish sentences like "I must eat humble pie", or even wholly reforming his posts..

Maureen said...

Monsignor Basil Loftus' actions shame his own name. Is threatening and distressing your elders an example of Catholic values?

Mike said...

Mgr Loftus also writes for the Scottish Catholic Observer. I have informed the Edtor that I will not be buying the paper as long as Mgr Loftus contributes to it. Not much of a gesture, maybe, but it is the only way I can think of of showing solidarity with Fr Clifton.