09 October 2011

Battlelines Being Drawn Up

The Archdiocese of Westminster won't answer Ches's questions about Quest booking a diocesan venue for a Conference, and now Mass is to be celebrated publicly for Quest.

The dioceses of England and Wales are asked by a blogger how many exorcists there each have and the Communications Officer for the Diocese of Middlesborough not only refuses to asnswer him but tells him that blogging should be made a serious criminal offence.

The Catholic Truth Society has issued an instruction which accompanies just about every copy of the new translation available to Catholics in parishes that says that Holy Communion is to be received standing.

Add to this the ongoing Catholic Voices brouhaha (a good Humptydumptyish word), some remarkable examples of secular priests being moved about, and you don't need to see albino monks to think that something might be afoot.

In Austria and Ireland, the rebellion is being led by priests inn parishes.  In this country it seems to be being led by apparatchiks in Eccleston Square and diocesan curiae.

We are in for some interesting times, and the longer the Pope lives, the more interesting.  Imagine all what will be let loose if the SSPX manages to stay reasonably united and sign anagreement with Rome!


Left-footer said...

I would much rather live in boring times, thank you Ttony.

I've been re-reading the Prologue to Chaucer's "Canterbury Tales" with its pen-portraits, many of fictitious senior Clergy, and a few Church officials, and a rotten lot they were, six hundred and more years ago.

One stands out as a shining example of a good shepherd, the Poor Parson, brother to a ploughman. It's a comfort to know that nothing has changed, but the Church still survives, thank God.

Jon Hume said...

Interesting post on Loathe the Traddies about persecuted priests.

Until people start writing to Rome and complaining about the hierarchy we will continue in our rut.

Contrast the Scots bishops and our own on gay marriage. What was Bp Conry on about in Sat. Telegraph about the Church "supporting" civil partnerships? It is madness!

Genty said...

Where's the Papal Nuncio when you need him?

Ben Trovato said...

You are right, of course, and I have nothing to add: so here it is: [ ]

Ben Trovato said...

PS Found I did have something to say after all: did you see James Preece has quoted and linked to you at Catholic and Loving It?...

Sixupman said...

A letter in the Catholic Herald opined, in effect, that the E&W Bishops' Conference should act independent of Rome - 'National Churches' in other words. Hardly Catholic. It also saod that the bishops were supine when dealing with Rome?

Anonymous said...

I was disturbed to see that you are linked to James Preece on Catholic and Loving it. I must say I did have a great deal of respect for your blog, but not any more. James Preece and his band of cronies are venomous and divisive. His hatred of the Archbishop of Westminster, Catholic Voices and the clergy and staff of the Diocese of Middlesborough is palpable. How anyone who writes in such a vein, can even consider himself to be remotely Catholic is beyond me. Quite frankly Ttony, I thought you were a better person. If your latest effort together with the thoughts of James Preece are an example of what it is to be 'Traditional' I think we should all give you a very wide berth.

Ben Trovato said...


'As you have been quoted by someone whom I dislike, I will diss you...' (or is that not a fair paraphrase?)

(Furthermore I will do it anonymously, not even pseudonymously, so you can have no idea who I am or where I'm coming from.)

I wouldn't lose too much sleep if I were you, Tony.

Ttony said...


it's OK. Anonymouse is a liar.

He just reads James Preece's blog to find something to hate. He doesn't read this blog (and if he did he wouldn't have had "a great deal of respect" for it. He thinks Catholic and Loving It and The Muniment Room are "linked" (which shows you what he knows about blogs). He thinks that James Preece and I are both "traditional", obviously in a meaning of "traditional" that means something horrible and nasty, rather than anything I (or James) might conjure up. (I'm not sure I want to be labelled "traditionalist" anyway, leastwise by a blatherer like this.)

"Quite frankly, Ttony, I thought you were a better person." Liar! You've never read this blog before! You've just been told to go for James!

(I'm assuming that it's a man: it's certainly a mouse.)

Mike Cliffson said...

To TTony (CF anon, ibid, and trad)
From memory,(¿Ruth Rendell?) how to be a better person , since it seems you are showing you arent:

"If I went vegetarian
And didn't eat lambs for dinner
I would would possibly be a better person
And, probably, thinner
But Lambs are not an endangered species
And at least I can honestly say
I have never, ever, eaten a barnowl
so maybe I`m just OK"

Ida thunk any follower of this blog would be in agreement, nay take as given, that 99% time and energy ought to go on prayer, 1% what to pray ABOUT and FOR,that as when whoever aked Mother Teresa where to start changing the church for the better, she replied thee and me.
A bishop is a bishop.They are NOT supported by enough prayer.
Ecclestone square, communications offices, let alone Catholic voices are ...well what are they?

Mike Cliffson said...

Apologies to Wendy Cope(and Ruth Rendell for the putatative attribution) author of approx the above.