15 October 2011

The Vaughan

I haven't written about the continuing issue of the Cardinal Vaughan school, and the dispute between its parents and governors on the one side, and the Archdiocese of Westminster on the other, because, frankly, I haven't got time to care about everything.  I did my bit in respect of CES by resigning as parent foundation governor of a Catholic school and entrustred the remainder of my childrens' education to the state, rather than to bodies which take their marching order from the staff working for the Catholic Bishops' Conference for England and Wales.

It was nevertheless interesting to read here that the Archdiocese was forced to give up its struggle to decatholicise change the nature of the school because of the pressure brought  by parents and governors.

'Tis a mad world, my masters

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1569 Rising said...

Thank God for Michael Gove! He is shaping up to be one of the great Education Secretaries.

It is very ironic that it has taken a Secretary of State to do the right thing by Catholic parents, when the Archbishop of Westminster has so markedly failed.