14 October 2011

Friday Abstinence

Am I the only person who is finding the period between 2359 on Thursday and 0001 on Saturday a serious trial?  How much meat there is out there!  Why is cooked breakfast the thing everyone goes to on Friday? 

This isn't to complain, but for me at least not eating meat on Friday isn't a simple flick between two pages in a recipe book, but a fairly brutal instruction to give something up regularly in a way that two days a year could never hope to manage.  I hope in a way that it doesn't become less challenging, and that it keeps on being so hard, because it will make me better.

I still haven't had a dinner invitation, but I had one to go out for breakfast: I said "No thanks - I don't eat meat on Fridays" and was rewarded with a tremendous laugh, as if I 'd told the best joke ever.  They still expected me to turn up though, and were petulant with me for not doing so.  It's certainly not martyrdom, but I catch myself wishing that if I have to make a Catholic fool of myself it could be because of my brilliant defence of Scholasticism, or my brilliant new insight into the procession of the Holy Spirit, not for turning down a couple of sausages, some rashers and a bit of black pudding.

Did I mention that I've not eaten meat today?

I suppose black pudding is meat.  Did the Fathers say anything about it?


Ben Trovato said...

You're right about getting used to it. I've not eaten meat on Fridays for years and scarcely notice it. So in solidarity with those labouring under the renewed discipline, I've given up alcohol on Fridays: now that's tough! (Esp as I was in the pub today to meet someone - had to have a coke - yeuch!)

Genty said...

Hey, there's eggs all ways, beans on toast, maybe those potato croquette thingies or kippers or porridge or just toast with marmalade or cheese. And you can still see your chums.
I've not done meat on a Friday for yonks and have now added Wednesday.
Funnily, it's the two days of the week when I'd could murder a bacon butty.

Anagnostis said...

The Fathers are pretty unanimous that you should accept invitations, eat whatever you're given and never, ever, EVER draw attention to yourself by mentioning the "F" word.

They recommend pretty nearly the opposite of the Bishops of England & Wales, therefore.

Anagnostis said...

...the unanimity of the Fathers being a function of the Lord's own admonitions on the point [Matthew 6:16]. I don't think Kieron Conry ever read that one.

Mike Cliffson said...

Aint it so!
And not what you'd choose persecution on: Id like a good historian to confirm that the Papacy is the last thing St thomas More d ve included in his sticking points, given his experiences as Chancellor and his druthers.
Didn't someone write that if in fervent youth one vows one would die to save mankind, what God does is give one a spouse who snores?