25 July 2015

Ninth Sunday After Pentecost 1863

26 SUNDAY Ninth after Pentecost. (Feast of Devotion) St ANNE, Mother of the BVM, greater double. Second prayers and Last Gospel of the Sunday. White. Second Vespers of the feast, with commemoration of  the Sunday, St Leo II, Pope Confessor, and St Pantaleon, Martyr. [In Diocese of Plymouth, instead of St Leo II the commemoration is of St Basil (antiphon O Doctor), and in Diocese of Salford, of St Apollinaris.  In Diocese of Shrewsbury, second Vespers are of the Feast of St ANNE, with commemoration of the Sunday and of St Pantaleon, Martyr.]

27 Monday. St Leo II, Pope Confessor, semidouble (transferred from 28 June). Second Prayers of St Pantaleon, Martyr. Third prayers A Cunctis. White. [In Diocese of Plymouth, St Basil, Bishop Confessor Doctor, double (transferred from 14 June. Second prayers of St Pantaleon, Martyr. Creed. White. In Diocese of Salford St Apollinaris, Bishop Martyr, double (transferred from 23 July. Second prayers of St Pantaleon. Red. In Diocese of Shrewsbury St Pantaleon, Martry, simple. Second prayers A Cunctis. Third prayers Fidelium (for the dead). Fourth prayers for the Bishop. Red.]

28 Tuesday. Sts Nazarius, Celsus, Victor, Martyrs, and St Innocent, Pope Confessor, semidouble. Second prayers  A cunctis. Third prayers at the choice of the priest. Red.

29 Wednesday. St Martha, Virgin, semidouble. Second prayers of Sts Felix, Pope, Simplicius, Faustin, and Beatrice, Martyrs. Thitd prayers A Cunctis. White. [In Diocese of Nottingham fourth prayers for the Bishop.]

30 Thursday. Of the Blessed Sacrament, semidouble. Second prayers A Cunctis.Third prayers at the choice of the priest. White. [In the Diocese of Plymouth, St Margaret, Widow, semidouble (transferred from 10 June). Second prayers of Sts Abdon and Sennen, Martyrs. Third prayers A Cunctis. White. In Diocese of Salford, St Leo II, Pope Confessor, semidouble (transferred from 28 June). Second prayers of Sts Abdon and Sennen, Martyrs. Third prayers A Cunctis. White.]

31 Friday.  St Ignatius, Confessor Doctor. White. Abstinence.

1 Saturday. St Peter's Chains, greater double. Second prayers of St Paul, Apostle. Third prayers of the Holy Machabees, martyrs. Creed. Preface of the Apostles. White.

Another week of catching up in the dioceses which have had something of their own to celebrate recently.  But everything will sort itself out before Advent.

The feast of St Anne, the mother of Our Lady, was once a Holyday of Obligation, but has been reduced to a Feast of Devotion, though as it falls on a Sunday, everybody will be able to celebrate it.

The feast of the Chains of St Peter is, of course, the feast of the Dedication of the Church of St Peter in Rome in which the chains which bound him are kept. We can venerate as relics the chains in which St Peter was bound and use them as a mental focus to imagine ourselves in his position, as much as we can imagine him in them.

At Holywell, in Pantasaph, Flintshire, St David's Church and Monastery is home to the Capuchin Fathers. Very Rev Fr Seraphin is the Guardian, and the Rev Frs Beneventus, Eugene and Bonaventure form the rest of the Community.  Mass on Sundays and Holydays is at 8.00, and Solemn Mass with sermon is at 10.30. Compline, Instruction and Benediction is at 3.30 pm. On weekdays, Conventual Mass is at 6.30; fixed Mass is at 8.00; Catechism is at 2.30; and Vespers, Sermon and Benediction is at 3.30.  Rosary and Litany of the BVM daily at 6.00 pm.

This week's picture is from 1910 and shows the quality of decoration Catholics had come to expect in their churches and chapels.

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