20 July 2015


I posted this some years ago. Think of my reposting it as a contribution to prayers for the Synod.  Maybe think of it also as a set of things that heterosexuals should get their minds around before criticising homosexuals. Pray for purity. Think how God blesses the pure in spirit.

If being pure was easy, there wouldn't be
So many anonymous fathers
So many single mothers
So many betrayed husbands
So many cheated wives
So many abandoned children
So many immature engagements
So many wounding affairs
So many casual encounters
Such a cult of eroticism
Such sexual violence
Such shame of virginity
Such credulity
And such brazenness disguised as love.

It isn't easy to be pure in the absence of Jesus and Mary.
When responsible fatherhood is absent,
When the miracle of motherhood, accepted and wanted, is absent,
Or when love for children is absent,
Somebody ends up being just something for somebody else.
Sexuality without God is a disaster.
Sexuality with God is a Blessing.

Fr. Zezinho


Left-footer said...

I missed this the last time, but am glad to have read it. Very wise.

God bless.

Bro. Jim Hayes said...

Indeed very wise! Thank you for this Ttony.