01 July 2017

Fourth Sunday After Pentecost 1865

2 SUNDAY, fourth after Pentecost. The Visitation of the BVM, double of the second class. Second prayers and last Gospel of the Sunday (in low Mass third prayers of Sts Processus and Martinian, Martyrs), Creed, Preface of the BVM. White. First Vespers of the Most Precious Blood of OUR LORD, commemoration of the Visitation only. Plenary Indulgence.

3 Monday The Most Precious Blood of OUR LORD, double of the second class (transferred from yesterday). Preface of the Cross. Red.

4 Tues. St Mary Magdalen of Pazzi, Virgin, double. White. [In Diocese of Northampton, St Barnabas, Apostle, greater double (transferred from 11 June). Third prayers for the Bishop. Red. In Diocese of Nottingham, St Francis Caracciolo, Confessor, double (transferred from 4 June). White. In D of Shrewsbury, St Angela Merici, Virgin, double (transferred from 1 June). White.]

5 Wednesday . St Francis Caracciolo, Confessor, double (transferred from 4 June). White. [In dioceses of Northampton and Shrewsbury St Mary Magdalen of Pazzi, Virgin, double (transferred from 3 June). White. In D of Nottingham St Boniface, Apostle, double (transferred from 5 June). Red.]

6 Thursday The Octave of the Holy Apostles, double. Red. [In
Diocese of Southwark second prayers for the Bishop.]

The Indulgence ends.

7 Friday The Translation of St Thomas, Bishop Martyr, greater double. Red. Abstinence.

8 Saturday St Elizabeth of Portugal, Widow, semidouble. Second prayers A cunctis, third prayers at the priest’s choice. White.

The parish of St Mary Chppenham is served by the Rev Maurice Victor Domenge, Missionary Priest of the Con­gregation of St. Francis of Sales. On Sundays and Holydays Mass and Instruction at 10.00. Catechism at 5.00. Vespers, Instruction and Benediction at 6.00. Confession on Saturday from 5.00 to 7.00 pm; on Sundays and Holydays before Mass.

In 2017 the Rev Canon J D Millett is Parish Priest. Anticipated Mass on Saturday at 6.30 and on Sunday at 9.30 and 6.30.  Weekday Masses as announced.  Parish groups include Christian Aid, Choir, Youth Music Group, Children’s Liturgy, Chippenham Churches Together, Kitty’s Café, Marian Prayer Group, Mothers’ Prayer Group, Married and Engaged Encounters, and Flower Arrangers.

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