21 February 2009

And There's More! The Tablet's Other Half

The Tablet Trust publishes two magazines (and pays two big salaries - to the editors?): the Tablet and Pastoral Review. According to the Pastoral Review's website, this is the editorial staff:

Rev Dr Michael Hayes was appointed to take over editorship of (...) The Pastoral Review in the autumn of 2004. Michael brings with him a wealth of experience and knowledge, from parish through to university chaplaincy ministry as well as teaching theology and spirituality. He is also a psychotherapist.

Educated at Maynooth, Ireland and at Heythrop, Britain by the Jesuits, Michael is an experienced author having edited eight books to date. He is currently a Vice Principal of St Mary's University College, Twickenham.

To support Michael Hayes in his role, Dr Anthony Towey was appointed as Assiociate Editor of The Pastoral Review in 2005. An ordained priest and former economist graduating from the LSE, Dr Towey is currently Head of the School of Theology, Philosophy, and History at St Mary’s University College in Twickenham. With his wide-ranging experience, qualifications and network Anthony has proven an invaluable aid in his support role as well as providing well-written articles and research for the journal to date.

And in April 2006, and Editorial Administrator, Stephanie Bennett was recruited to look after the day-to-day editorial needs of the journal, which is fast becoming the most popular resource tool amongst those involved in active Pastoral Ministry in the Catholic Church.

Further changes in 2006 also include new Book Review Editor, Peter Tyler. Currently Director of Sarum College’s Christian Spirituality Programme, Peter studied philosophy, theology and psychology at Oxford, London and Middlesex Universities and is a qualified psychotherapist. He has lived and worked with three major religious communities - the Jesuits, based in Birmingham; the Benedictine Monastery of Christ the King, Cockfosters, North London and the L’Arche community, Liverpool. He has long worked with marginalised people such as the St Botolph’s Project for street homeless people in the East End of London.

It worries me a bit that only one of the three chaps is actually declared to be an ordained priest, though he prefwers the title "Dr" to "Fr". It's hard to tell whether the other two are priests or not: they seem to have had priestly formation but there is no clue as to their status.

The website allows you to read some of the aricles they were publishing up to 1999 in the magazine's previous incarnation: and you can read the Contents for each issue here.

Does anybody who reads it believe it to be faithful to the Tablet Trust's stated aims?

a) to advance the Christian religion
b) to promote, present, and disseminate the teachings of the Christian religion and to promote understanding of the Roman Catholic faith, value and principles
c) to advance the education of the public
d) to pursue such other charitable objectives as shall not be inconsistent with the objects hereunto before set out.

1 comment:

Vernon said...

Dr Hayes and Dr Towey can hardly be said to bring independent views to the editorship seeing as how Dr Hayes is Dr Towey's boss at St Mary's College!

I also seriously wonder what relevance psychotherapy has to the Pastoral Review that makes it necessary, or even desirable, to have two psychotherapists involved editorially.

It is very unfortunate, but understandable when one views academic circles, to see that a 'doctorate' trumps Priestly status for Fr/Dr Towey. It is quite likely that Dr Hayes is a permanent deacon, as are the two highly respected learned gentlemen Rev Dr L. Hemming and Rev Dr A. Reid.