05 February 2009

Another Way Of Praying For The Pope

A Spanish blog, SODALITIVM INTERNATIONALE PASTOR ANGELICVS, run by a group dedicated to making better known the life and works of Pope Pius XII has proposed a structured means by which we can offer prayers in reparation for the attacks on the Pope and on the Church.

It suggests:

a. that Priests should offer a Votive Mass of the Sacred Heart ad mentem Romani Pontificis and with the Commemorations pro Papa; and that during Eucharistic Adoration they should add (if they don't already) the prayers pro Romano Pontifice.

b. Lay people should offer Holy Communion for the health, intentions and safety of the Holy Father; should attend Eucharistic Adoration and join the prayers for the Pope; and offer a full Rosary for the Holy Father.

c. If possible, we should all recite in public (or at least in private) the Penitential Psalms and the Litany of the Saints in reparation for the attacks on Pope Benedict and our Holy Mother the Church.


Kirk said...

I'm pleased you are back!

the mother of this lot said...

OK, count me in. Although if I do any more praying, I'll have to start going to bed at half past six...

Fiorella said...

Thank you for your comment over at Monstrous Regiment, Ttony. If you feel able to publicise this poor woman's plight, that would be much appreciated. People do not need to be within the Guildford constituancy to write to the MP concerned. We have only one day left to lift the deportation order, but are still praying for a miracle.