22 February 2009

The Tablet Article: And Finally ...

I am still haunted by three sentences.

'Several said their adult children vowed never to go to the church again, such was their unhappiness with the liturgy. “People who have been away from church come back at Christmas and Easter and are totally put off. It is so sad,” said Mrs X.'

The understanding of what the Church is for portrayed here is plainly defective: the adult children mentioned have clearly vowed never to go to Our Lady of the Rosary, Blackfen, again (or at least consule Fr Tim), but as they are Christmas and Easter attenders only (rather than practising Catholics), then their views don't really count: they're not parishioners in any real sense, though their parents are and their sadness should be treated with sensitivity.

What I don't understand is how a Catholic writer in a Catholic magazine would put this proposition up as an example of Fr Tim's iniquity. (I'm assuming that the writer isn't making a cheap shot at Mrs X.) This isn't Catholicsm: it's Vicar of Dibley religious infantilism.

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