10 March 2009

Dreadfully Sad

I never joined the LMS for many of the same reasons that I have never attended an SSPX Mass: I have never been half so sure of anything as some of the chaps in charge of those organisations seem to be of everything. Latin seemed to be not just a shibboleth, but a fetish. And, as Michael Davies once pointed out, but the LMS never seemed to acknowledge, there really was a need for a reform of the celebration of Liturgical practise at Vatican II: most Catholics only ever attended Low Mass, almost never heard Gregorian Chant, almost never participated in celebration of the Divine Office.

Old Nick must have the equivalent of a satisfied grin on his face at the moment: Williamson has separated any hope that the SSPX might swiftly be reconciled to Rome; the South African Bishops seem to have mangled the introduction of a translation into real English of the Roman Rite (instead of the translation into Trite that we have endured for 40 years); and now the LMS seems singlehandedly to have offered "liberal" "Catholics" a major weapon with which to attack Tradition in England and Wales, just as they were losing the argument.

"O God, who bringest wars to nought and shieldest by Thy power all who hope in Thee, overthrowing those who assail them; help Thy servants who implore Thy mercy; so that the fierce might of their enemies may be brought low, and we may never cease to praise and thank Thee."


JARay said...

I suppose that you're right Ttony when you say that most Catholics really never heard Gregorian Chant beyond the, almost ubiquitous, Missa de Angelis.
I don't fall into that category. I love the Gregorian Chant and it is for that reason that I have (and probably still will), attended SSPX Masses. I'm almost expecting a phone call from Paul, who leads the singing of the "men's" choir at our local SSPX Church, to go along for the whole of the Easter Triduum as I did last year. I will probably accept. I have my own Liber Usualis which I bought in 1954 for two pounds, seven shillings and six pence. Now, they're about $120.
But, then, I'm an ex-Seminarian from that time when we only had the Latin Masses, Most of our text-books were in Latin and we sang the Office (or part of it) every day. On Sundays we did the lot.


Ottaviani said...

Most supporters of the old rite has no particular love for the 50s mentality of "votive low mass of the Sacred Heart" everyday of the week. This caricature is one often hurled by liberals in their desperate attempts to undermine the old rite.

The fact is, even with the supposed liturgical "reform", 99% of congregations do not hear Gregorian chants or polyphony and exposed to endless ditties that are the embarrassment of the church. Because a pastoral mistake was made in the 50s, does not really amount to a reason to drastically reform what was already held as sacred and perfected. Michael Davies says this in his pamphlet "History of the Roman Rite".

In any case, I would rather have a low mass for the rest of my life than tolerate boisterous quasi-Protestant hymns.

Brother James Hayes f.i.c. said...

Talking music, I see on your profile you are a fan of Byrd + Tallis.. ever tried any Gesualdo? He's one of my favourite composers. His Tenebrae for Holy Week are truly wonderful.