12 March 2009

The Last Thing I Would Have Expected!

You see, I make all sorts of assumptions about things I really don't have the first idea about. I try to hold my tongue (and pen, and fingers) but sometimes I end up making a statement about something based entirely on prejudice.

Now, private education in France is something I really don't have the first idea about; and private education in France in schools run by the SSPX, Archbishop Lefebvre's lot, is a book even more firmly closed. But if you'd asked about sport in such schools, I would have opined that it wouldn't be a particularly high priority, and that it would have been based on field sports. Why? Ignorance! Complete ignorance.

Just look at the advert for a rugby competition which I found here!


JARay said...

Very interesting Ttony.
Somewhat on the same theme, years ago I went to Lourdes with the Leeds Diocesan Pilgrimage and the proprietor of the hotel where I was staying somehow thought that we, English, must all be Rugby fanatics so he arranged a trip to meet one of France's Rugby players of that time. I went along out of curiosity and it was a very pleasant evening.


Paulinus said...

Lourdes is massive rugby country. There is a bar in the town run by a former French rugby international. It is popular with Welsh pilgrims.

eulogos said...

What is a "field sport" as opposed to Rugby, which I suppose is also played in a field?

-the ignorant American.
Susan Peterson

Ttony said...

Susan, field sports are athletics and the stuff like javelin, pole vault etc that happen inside the running track while the athletics are on.