15 April 2009

Standing In For The Far Sight


As Leo from The Far Sight is on an extended Easter break, it falls to me to tip people off to a forum in which anybody insterested in the canonical vestments of the Dioceses of Spain can be examined at leisure.
If, like me, you are the sort of person who likes to know what robes the Cathedral Canons of Almería wear, and rejoice that they have both summer and winter versions, then this forum might well suit you too.
The two Canons in the picture are taking part in the annual procession which celebrates the liberation of Almería from Moorish rule by the Catholic Monarchs in 1489, just three years before the Conquest of Granada saw the end of Moorish rule in any part of Spain.

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leo said...

Thanks for the link!
It's funny: Most of the photos on this forum are exactly the ones I already posted on "the far sight". So these guys either know my blog or the pages I go to for pics ...