19 April 2009

Catholic Blogging

I suppose that The Tablet's downer on Catholic bloggers stems from two sources: first, that most Catholic blogs aren't on the same message as The Tablet; and second, that the multiplicity of sources of information challenges The Tablet's ability to set the agenda. (They must get quite cheesed off at Damian Thompson's relentless teasing as well!)

I have twice written about the trust which owns The Tablet (here and here) and suggested that it was hard to see that it supported the trust's stated aims, which are:

a) to advance the Christian religion
b) to promote, present, and disseminate the teachings of the Christian religion and to promote understanding of the Roman Catholic faith, value and principles
c) to advance the education of the public
d) to pursue such other charitable objectives as shall not be inconsistent with the objects hereunto before set out.
This is my response to Fr Tim's request for "a polite explanation of why the Tablet should not be sold in our Cathedrals or parish Churches (with examples and quotations)": I can see no evidence in it for aim b), and little for aims a) and c) (though there is strong evidence for aim d), even if the objective might not be one that I particularly favour myself).

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