17 April 2009

Welcome to Saudi Arabia

When a 47 year old man marries an 8 year old girl, and the country's legal system says everything is fine, does that not feel like the sort of country before whose Head of State you'd want your Head of State to bow low?


Shepherd said...

Unfortunately, this is one of the many facets of Islam that are ignored by people in general. Add to this a few facts such as any woman involved in a car crash will be left until a female paramedic is available (often many hours), possession of a missal or crucifix or, even, a pork pie, results in a public lashing and then, incomprehensibly, only male shop assistants are allowed to work behind the lingerie counter in department stores. A very strange, mixed up faith.

Anonymous said...

I worked as a paramedic in Saudi. First there are NO female paramedics in saudi arabia. That is not true what shep said about women being left until a female paramedic arrives. They do lash people still, but no longer in public. Although they still chop heads off with a sword in public.

It is a strange place to the western mind. I suggest you read "Paramedic to the Prince" a book written by an American paramedic that spent ten years in Saudi and worked on the medical staff of the King. It is banned in Saudi and was pulled off the shelves after the Saudi Royals filed a lawsuite to have it banned.
It has now been updated and is with a new publisher. It will be out in Aug. Grab a copy before it gets banned again. I have seen copies going for over $300 dollars, Shows how bad the saudi's dont want you to read the book.

If you want to know what saudi is really like. buy "Paramedic to the Prince"