25 April 2009

Thin Pickings Here

One of the things about being a non-specialist civil servant is that we change jobs every two or three years. This is a good idea, because it makes sure that you, the public who pay my wages, have people with an ever greater breadth of experience making decisions that might affect your life.

I'm at the start of a new job at the moment, and am too tired most evenings, just from having had to spend time learning vast chunks of new things, to blog much.

And the world doesn't help: imagine having to go to Mass on a Saturday evening, and then coming out to put 5 Live on and hear that United were two down to Spurs! At least normal service was resumed subsequently.


Victoria Mildew said...

A non-specialist Civil Servant, curious to know which Department you work in?

I am "ex-Civil Service" since last Nov 2008 - a very long story - would appreciate your prayers though to help in discerning what lies ahead

God bless

Ches said...

Normal service resumed ... and how! He he he! Just watching the replay of highlights on MOTD.