03 May 2009

Reformation And Iconoclasm In An English Village

The village church sits outside the village, in the place where a church has sat for over a thousand years.

It has witnessed the destruction of the castle, which was built next to it, in 1322.

And, of course, it witnessed the Reformation, and the terrible iconoclasm of the Commonwealth.




During the Commonwealth, the altar of this church was ripped out, and was replaced by a table. The other fittings of the church which had survived the Tudor Reformation here, as in so many other places, were ripped out. But for the altar there was nothing but scorn. The mensa was dragged out and was used as part of a stile, so that anybody who wanted to use a particular path had to trample on the altar.


The mensa was identified for what it was less that forty years ago, and was replaced in the church. The then vicar constructed what he called a "chantry chapel" in the crossing (just at the left in the picture above), with a squint from which the high altar (high table?) can be seen.



If you look carefully, you can see two of the crosses carved into the altar at its consecration.

Never underestimate just how much some people hate us, and the lengths they will go to to humiliate us and destroy the things we care about.


Terra said...

But wonderful that it has been recovered and restored. Now all we need is the Church back!

This is a nice illustration - which village is it out of curiosity?

Kirk and Sir George said...

I like this post.
The thing that always truck me about the Commonwealth desecration of the churches was the complete lack of charity, in any form.

Kirk and Sir George said...

aargh! I meant 'struck me' not 'truck me'...

Mike Cliffson Pamelez said...

trawl the net 4 the kinda similar jobs done on churches in cyprus only a few years ago, dont seen it but I betcha bosnia, and anatolia and egypt etc over the last thousand and a bit years by a TME tiny minority of extremists urrp unrepresentative of a religion of peace,unquote; bolshies aka marxistleninists aka coummunists are another bunch and were thorough, very, with it.....

Ttony said...

Terra: Brimpsfield in Gloucestershire.