15 May 2009

Is It Just Me?

Courtesy largely of Rorate Caeli, I follow the Pope and read the speeches he makes, and am becoming increasing spellbound by the wondrous three dimensional exposition of Catholicsm he makes.

This is my religion, and, for the first time in many years, this man is expounding it to me.


pontesisto said...

No Tony, it's not just you. This man is truly a gift of God to His people. Those who criticise him know this too, and they will do anything to bring him down as they can't abide the purity of his Gospel message. Viva, il Papa Benedetto!

Kirk and Sir George said...

I totally agree with you Tony. I have been listening to his speeches via iTunes podcast thingies and I could listen to him speaking for ages!

Londiniensis said...

It was said several years ago (and I can't track down the source) that the late Pope John Paul II opened our hearts to the Church, and now Pope Benedict XVI is filling them.

Ad multos annos!

Anonymous said...

With or without the use of a monstrance? How else could an exposition be 3 dimensional?