29 May 2009

Durufle's Tantum Ergo

Yes, I know this is a concert, and the film work and sound quality aren't very good, but this is a piece I really love:



Brother James Hayes f.i.c. said...

Oh I so LOVE this piece and the accompanying Ubi Caritas. I discovered the pieces (Quatre Motets sur des Thèmes Grégoriens) during my Music degree in the late 80s when we sung them in the Uni. Chamber Choir. I then used the Tantum Ergo as soundtrack music during part of an audio testimony on my vocation that I recorded during my Noviciate. I have an old tape of the pieces from back in the 80s and only recently upgraded to cd, having found the same recording by Clare College, Cambridge. I am listening to it now.

Jeffrey Smith said...

Beautiful. I hadn't heard that one, though a friend introduced me to his Requiem c1978.