17 May 2009

Prayers Please

The mother of a friend died yesterday. Born in New Zealand in 1919, she had come to the UK to study, and, when war broke out, joined the RAF. She stayed in this country and has lived to a great age.

The e-mail I received asked for prayers for her and for all the Holy Souls, and included this:

"Departed this life this day 16th May 2009 fortified by the Sacraments of Holy Mother Church. At home, surrounded by family, and amidst prayers, psalms, hymns, fully compos mentis throughout after decline in hospital following her latest stroke on 18th April."

O si sic omnes.


Anonymous said...

May she rest in peace!

JARay said...

My very good friend Michael departed this life two days after she did.
He had his loving family around him and that also included a priest from the same parish.
R.I.P. both of them.