25 May 2009

Abbeys And Convents

Pray for them so they can pray for us.

"In mediaeval traditions, abbeys and convents were always considered to be inexpugnable centres of revolt against infernal domination on earth. They became, accordingly, especial targets. Satan, issuing orders at nightfall to his foul precurrers, was rumoured to dispatch to capital cities only one junior fiend. This solitary demon, the legend continues, sleeps at his post. There is no work for him; the battle was long ago won. But monasteries, those scattered danger points, become the chief objectives of nocturnal flight; the sky fills with the beat of sable wings as phalanx after phalanx streams to the attack, and the darkness crepitates with the splintering of a myriad lances against the masonry of asceticsm. piety has always been singled out for the hardest onslaught of hellish agression."

Patrick Leigh Fermor. A Time To Keep Silence. 1957

1 comment:

Kirk said...

I presume that nowadays satan doesn't need to send anyone at all to the cities.
Meanwhile I imagine that the satanic sentry box within our so-called houses of parliament has been gathering dust for quite some time as the battle seems well and truly won in that arena with tickets on the infernal express booked well in advance.