23 May 2009

CAFOD And Ministerial Sleaze

According to today's Daily Telegraph, Paul Goggins, the Northern Ireland Minister, shares his London flat, for which he claims £600 per month, with Chris Bain, a friend of his, who happens to be the Director of CAFOD.

According to CAFOD's latest accounts for the year up to 31 March 2008:

"In the year, the Director of CAFOD received remuneration of £71,258 plus an employer's contribution towards a money purchase pension scheme of £7,125." So he might be able to stretch to something a bit better than a bedsit in Catford out of his own pocket.

The story points out that Mr Bain used to pay rent from 1998 to 2003 - until Mr Goggins started to claim for the flat. In other words, once the taxpayer could take care of the rent, the Director of CAFOD lived rent free. Now that this has been discovered, they have decided that it is "inappropriate", and that they will repay a large amount.

If you can be bothered to read it, the story gets even messier but ends with a wonderful statement from the Minister:

“I do not have an extravagant lifestyle but I do have reasonable standards”, he said.

If anybody sees how the Tablet reports this, can they let us all know.


pontesisto said...


As for buying The Pill, you ask too much of me(!), but I can guess their spin.

Mrs Jackie Parkes MJ said...

No surprise really!

Kirk said...

I have been reading this story for some time and frankly it goes from bad to worse.
The extent of the corruption and dishonesty from those who are supposed to be our representatives has left me speechless.
Isn't it interesting what people do when they think that no one can see. . .

Magdala said...

I've cancelled my standing order to Cafod today, and want to set up a new mandate to cor unum so that these crooks cant get their hands on my donation. I am amazed at how much this guy is paid. The new archbishop of Westminter must fire him and replace him with a man on half the salary.

Newminster said...

I have long since given up on CAFOD or indeed on most of the other recognised "third world" charities.
One way to get bang for your buck is to take a good look at what your local Rotary Club is supporting (yes; I'll declare an interest) and if it's raising funds for something you back then go for that.
The beauty of Rotary is that with so many clubs in so many countries (even including China these days) what you contribute mostly goes directly to be distributed by the clubs in that region. Cuts out the NGOs and their hangers-on and the indigenous fat cats.

Patricia Phillips said...

If you want solid reasons not to donate to CAFOD, I strongly urge you to read the following article on Christian Order's website:- "Contributing to CAFOD is a sin". http://www.christianorder.com/editorials/editorials_2005/editorials_jan05.html