13 August 2009

Ad Limina: Another Staffer's Proposal

One proposal that was doing the rounds was that of showing the variety of diocesan educational curricula as a way of demonstrating the vibrancy of Catholic education: indeed, Catholicsm in Education.

The covering letter would go something along the lines of:

"You've seen and approved of PO'D's curriculum just because he happened to send it to you. All of our dioceses have curricula which respond in a Catholic manner to the National Curriculum, though most of us are modest enough not to burden you with every example of support to Catholic education we have been responsible for in the last six years."


Rita said...

Chilling satire, I hope.

I'm losing my sense of humour when it comes to Catholic Education.

Ma Tucker said...

How childish is this? I suppose said staffer never pointed out the abysmal lapsation rate and consummate ignorance of Catholic teenagers concerning the Faith? Said Staffer is obviously far too "modest" to do so I suppose.