29 August 2009

Seven Things

Mac tagged me for a meme: "What are the seven things that we, as Catholics, want or would like to see happen?"

1. The abolition of all Education departments in the diocesan curiae in England and Wales. The quality of teachers can be handled by headteachers; fabric can be sorted out by people who understand it, and RE becomes part of the catechetical department: because

2. Children are (normally - there will always be exceptions) prepared for Confession, First Communion, and Confirmation in their Catholic schools. Where there are Catholic schools, and Catholic parents choose not to send their children to them, the parents can face the consequences. (Some people will be surprised to know that at the moment children are prepared for none of these three sacraments in Catholic schools.)

3. The Bishop in each diocese appoints a Director of Liturgy who takes responsibility for the Liturgy in the diocese (responsibility here is a big word: it means doing things, rather than having a new paragraph in the CV, and it means doing them according to the book, in this case the Rubrics, and it means ensuring, with however big a stick necessary, that things are done according to the book throughout).

4. Any hymn book with hymns written or bowdlerised after 1970 is temporarily withdrawn so that they can be sorted out. We don't need hymn books for Mass. For the occasions we need hymns, the PP can print out a few sheets for the people attending.

5. Any parish which offers the EF also offers Vespers (at least in the simplest form) at least once a week.

6. Black vestments, unbleached candles and pleading for the soul of the departed are an option anybody can insist on for the funeral they are arranging.

7. The Church in England and Wales stops trying to be part of the Establishment, stops trying to be anything other than (and proudly!) the outpost of the Church of Rome in England and Wales, a challenge to everybody who is outside the fold of Peter.


Dorothy said...

I like these, and was particularly struck by number seven. How true! Just imagine if a prominent British churchman were to appear in the main news bulletins saying that the Catholic Church was founded by Christ to teach the truth and to lead mankind to heaven. And then to take everything that was thrown at him for saying so, and still to go on saying it. I can dream ...
I enjoy your blog. Could I just mention that, with great diffidence, I have started one of my own. You should be able to access it via my name. I'm fairly hopeless with the technicalities of links, so that's the best I can do to draw attention to it. I think postings may be rather irregular.

Afro Seminarian said...

I enjoy your blog as well, however, I dissagree with the comment about the music before 1970. I am sorry, I appriciate the music that has been presented to the Church and its use.