01 August 2009

Typical Summer Day


You don't have to be some demented eco-nut to see that the climate is changing. You just note that this is the third summer on the trot that the jet stream has not behaved as it should and contrast what is happening here to what is happening all across the Mediterranean.

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JARay said...

So, there are changes in climate!
That doesn't make them anthropogenically caused changes.
The new religion is that this dangerous gas CO2 is being generated by feckless men and governments must step in with huge increases in taxation and the issuing of licences to emit CO2 etc. etc.
Silly countries like England and Australia will throw thousands upon thousands out of work. Windmills are being erected and carbon-causing electricity power stations have to be closed down because we must adopt green solutions, despite the fact that windmills won't work if there is no wind.
China and India are thumbing their noses at reducing greenhouse gas emissions and rubbing their hands with glee at the prospect of manufacturing more and selling the products to the silly nations.
The lunatics are in charge of the asylum.