18 August 2009

Tagged For Ches's Meme

For the person who had that very day received a couple of boxed sets framing the Classical Era: Haydn: The Six Late Masses; and Telemann: Brockes Passion; to be told that he has a pound in his pocket and three jukebox songs to choose might prove difficult. Very little music I listen to would ever find its way near a jukebox, but here's three that might.

Leonard Cohen, who, I realised one day, just did it for me.

Men At Work Down Under: I've never listened to the words: indeed, I'd never seen the video until I found this; but the noise it makes, a cheery reggae inspired celebration, always makes me think of Oz, a place I always enjoy going to.

And Ana Belén: she could sing "Matchstick Men" and "There's noone quite like Grandma" and still fell me.


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I know it's a bit late in the day but just had to say "Thank you" for the beautiful, haunting Leonard Cohen song.

Wikipedia "Dance me to the ends of love" has a poignant explanation of the inspiration behind the lyrics