09 February 2011

The Journal Usus Antiquior

Am I the only person in the Catholic blogosphere who takes Usus Antiquior?

Issue Number 3 droppoed through the letterbox at the weekend and, as has become usual, it is full of good stuff.

Click on the image to get an idea of the contents.  You can have both Frs Fin(n)i(e)gan in one place; a series of reviews which are as informative as standalone essays as the books they are reviewing, and an editorial which answers with charity and respect a study of critics of Vatican II by a learned Jesuit.

Many of us are resigned to having to educate ourselves in the Faith: there is no other opportunity.  Catholic blogs, and the reprinting of books from an earlier age are a great help, but solid, considered, educated, deep, and above all Catholic commentaries on issues facing today's Church are at a premium, and Usus Antiquior is a uniquely valuable resource.

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Anonymous said...

You must be the only person in the Catholic blogoshphere who is ignorant of the background to the appearance of the first issue of this journal.