14 February 2011

There Is Always An Alternative

No Catholic Priest needs conduct any marriage ceremony other than the Sacrament of Marriage.  There is no requirement for a priest to be a Registrar.

In England at least, any Catholic parent can set up a Catholic school for Catholic children.  It would be nice if the Bishops were on board but if they persist in CESness, then the only thing the parents have to avoid is the word "Catholic" in the school's name.  "One Holy Roman and Apostolic", on the other hand, appears not to be at issue.  (You get the same state contribution to the school as the diocesan school does.)  Where is our Church's Toby Young?

Nobody has to attend Mass in their own Parish if the celebration of the Liturgy is enough to be (for them) an occasion of sin.  Your obligation is to support your priest.  Five decades is good support.  £10 might encourage him in contumacy.


Richard Collins said...

How about this for a scenario Ttony:

Assuming the Government has made it licit for same sex couples to have their civil ceremonies in a church a Catholic same sex couple approach their Parish Priest and ask for the ceremony to be carried out (by the registrar) in the church. The priest refuses.
They take him to court in a test case.
He is found guilty.

Mike Cliffson said...

Would that!
You sure the good lord aint acalling thee or me* thither?
Homeschooling one's own brood is easier to set up- they'll sweden on us any day soon though.
My present Spanish diocese education office v.sympathetic on all school issues-we've had a run of gungho Bishops.
Other diocesan EOs,Not.
*Toby young I only know from his telegraph blog, he seems a good egg,the vaughn school got parents and talent to take this road if they're left no choice....)

Ttony said...

Richard: civil marriages can only take place at premises licensed for the purpose. Each Church can revoke its license, and the premises would then be used only for the Sacarament of Matrimony.