16 February 2011

Paul Inwood And The Extraordinary Form

The LMS Chairman's blog alerts us here to a fatuous comment by Paul Inwood which claims that Summorum Pontificum was a reward to traditionalists for their disobedience.  Well, the LMS Chairman has seen that ludicrous charge off, but Inwood went further: he said

"I can think of a number of parishes in this country where this is precisely the situation, and some where there are no more OF masses at all — all because of SP."

He was challenged very respectfully to give an example, but has not answered.

A number of parishes must be plural: in fact I would guess that "a number of" in the vernacular means three or four, or more.

Does anybody know of these parishes (NB: parishes, not churches) where "because of SP" (you might not be able to prove propter hoc but post hoc should be easy enough) all OF Masses have been stopped?


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georgem said...

One EF once a year would be too many for some.

berenike said...

One OF once a year would be too many for some :D