13 December 2008

Bad News From The LMS

We have so many EF Masses now in England and Wales that everybody can fulfill their Sunday obligation by attending one. The only battle left to be fought is whether Low Mass or High Mass should be the norm, and where the leadership of lay Catholics should come from.

Does this sound like December 2008? No, it doesn't to me either. But read Damian's piece about some members of the Latin Mass Society's seeming desire to tear apart everything that has been achieved since Summorum Pontificum.

And to crown everything, they have cancelled next year's training course for priests at Merton College.

Who do these people think they are? Do they think they own the Mass?


Adulio said...

The LMS needs to get rid of the Irish mentality of low mass all year round. We have a wealth of Catholic heritage to promote including Gregorian Chant and Polyphony.

Low masses should not be the norm!

Anonymous said...

I suspect this is a smear campaign against the LMS, and that the current situation has little/nothing to do with "Low Mass only" or class warfare.

Anonymous said...

Ottaviani has of course got the problem completely backwards. What the LMS needs to get rid of is the High Anglican tendency that is obssessed with ceremonies but has no interest in moral and social restoration beyond covering the whole world with an extra inch of lace.

The "smear campaign" has come from inside the LMS: the losers at the last committee meeting have attempted to smear David Lloyd and his supporters on the Committee by leaking a private e-mail to a journalist. They've also made idle threats to cancel next year's Oxford training conference. Their next step will be (or has already been) to try to enlist support from the New Liturgical Movement blog and CIEL UK.

We can only pray that they do not succeed.