19 December 2008

Brick By Brick In Germany

The new Archishop of Munich was Bishop Marx of Trier, 100% a Ratzingerian.

The new Bishop of Munster is Bishop Genn, currently Bishop of Essen. Before this appointment he was Auxiliary in ... Trier, when Marx was Bishop there.

Brick by brick ...

And the new Bishop in Oslo is a Croatian, who used to be a Parish Priest in Germany.

Catholic brick by Catholic brick ...

Hat tip to Francisco José Fernández de la Cigoña


PJA said...

I wonder whether we'll be able to say of our new archbishop, "He's a brick!", or will he be just another breeze block?

BTW Your word verification seems to be demanding that I type something very rude-sounding! :-0

Kirk said...

I wonder, Is it going to be a case of how Germany saved the 'Catholic' World?