22 December 2008

If You Don't Like The Bagpipes ...

... then look away now.

These are not the bagpipes of Scotland, but those of Asturias in the north of Spain. Vicente Prado "El Pravianu" plays a piece called "The Mine and The Sea" about a famous coalmine called La Camocha, some of whose seams stretched out under the Bay of Biscay, where fishermen earn their livelihood.

Sometimes fishermen heard strange noises below them of the firedamp exploding, and felt great pity for the miners working in the cold underground, while the miners, sometimes hearing the noise of the waves during a great storm would feal great pity for the miners, who had to work fearlessly on the open sea.

This is ancient music.


Shepherd said...

A really excellent blogsite, many thanks.

JARay said...

I really liked these bagpipes.
Thanks Ttony.