30 December 2008

Beyond Parody

Radio 4 this morning: the Today programme. Guest editor Cardinal Cormac Murphy O'Connor. And this just as a bunch of Anglican bishops have pricked the bubble of Labour as the only party a person with morality could support.

And the theme, insofar as there was one:

"Vote New Labour! This mess isn't their fault and only they can get us out."

You couldn't invent this stuff.

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Mark said...

I just listened to the Cardinal's interview with Gordon Brown on the BBC website.

The website summarises the interview thus: "The Cardinal wanted find out how morality fitted into the Prime Minister Gordon Brown's view of the world. He went to Number 10 to find out from the PM himself and discussed the effect a religious upbringing had on Gordon Brown's moral views and his 'unequivocal' opposition to assisted suicide".

At the end of the interview, GB affirms his belief in the value of human life, and is praised by CM'OC.

No mention of the HFE bill, of course, in which GB's understanding of the value of human life emerges as somewhat limited.

But plenty of talk about capitalism needing moral direction (to be provided, presumably, by the all-wise socialist state...).

As you say, it's beyond parody, and really very sad, as I've no doubt that the cardinal is a good and holy man.